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The PhotoMan is a innovative new service where we have taken our photographer and mounted two printers at his back. This gives you real-time printing of your photos. This system is agile and will follow you and be in the heart of the action!


The PhotoManis a fun interactive photography solution for your events. He is Agile, and will shoot and print photos in realtime.

  • Unlimited Number of Shots and Prints
  • Automated Photoman System
  • One Professional Photographer with Assistant
  • Dual PRINTERS ( Faster Printing and Equipment Redundancy )
  • Onsite Printing on 4x6 inch Photo Paper
  • Customized Printout Design
  • All Photos are turned over to the client in a CD
  • NEW Automatic Stop-Time

PhotoMan Packages

Two+ Hour Package P7,800

Two(2+) Hours of PhotoMan operation. Recommended for events with guests of a 100 or less.

Three+ Hour Package P9,000

Three(3+) Hours of PhotoMan operation. Recommended for events with 100-200 guests.

Four+ Hour Package P10,000

Four(4+) Hours of PhotoMan operation. Recommended for events with 200-300 guests.

For Online Bookings in the month of March, we are giving you a FREE 30 Minute Extension on your PhotoMan booking! More Time! More Photos! More FUN! PLUS, you also get FREE Standee Frames! Excellent Deal!

Promo valid untill May 31, 2013 and applicable for events through 2013 and 2014
Total Price

PhotoMan Details

Multiple PhotoMen
FREE Standee Frames ( unlimited ) Add P1,000 FREE
Fabric Backdrop matched layout and color motif add P1,000
Customized Tarpauline Backdrop add P2,000
NO POSTING Photos are not posted on Facebook and Blog
NO FLIERS Company Fliers will not be displayed

Event Details

Date yyyy-mm-dd
Time ( Hour AM/PM )
Out of Town Fee

Contact Person's Info

Full Name
Phone Number
Mobile Number
Mailing Address
I have read and accept the terms and conditions contained in this document
Total Price
Downpayment of P1,000 is required. Payment by bank deposit: BDO Savings Account #: 6150012157, Carlo Villongco. email the deposit slip to or fax to 355.2739 please include your name and date of the event


  • +Automatic StopTime: This feature ensures that you maximize you PhotoMan rental and even stretches your PhotoMan rental upto one hour more. When the PhotoMan is not producing photos/prints due to your guests busy with other event details we implement an Automatic Stop-Time where your alloted PhotoMan operation time is not eaten up. You only pay for the time the PhotoMan is actually producing photos/prints. Limited to a Maximum of One Hour block.
  • Materials( logo, photo ) for Design printout customizations must be emailed to: Design for printout customizations are limited to 2 revisions. For complicated designs we recommend the client to sit in with the designer.
  • An air conditioned location is ideal for proper equipment operation.
  • The Printouts are rated to last 100 years.
  • Please Provide Directions to the Venue when necessary.


  • Downpayment of P1,000. Deposits are non-refundable. Fullpayment is due on the day of the event
  • We reserve the right to use the images for publication advertising, display or for any other purpose.
  • Miscellaneous charges such as permits, eletricity charges, corkage are the responsibility of the client
  • We reserve the right to use the images for publication advertising, display or for any other purpose. Miscellaneous charges such as permits are at the expense of the client. In an event of an equipment failure we will resort to the use of our backup equipment which may not be the same brand and model as our main unit. We reserve the right to assign alternative professionals should illness or other unforeseen circumstances arise. Geronimo Photographico takes most care with respect to the exposure, development, and delivery of the images; however, in the event that Geronimo Photographico fails to comply with the terms of this contract, then Geronimo Photographico's liability is limited to refund of the deposits.